Teens and Heroin Abuse: What You Should Know

Opioid addiction is soaring out of control across America and people in Casper are at risk just like people in major cities and towns. Teens who play sports or anyone who injures themselves may find an opioid painkiller provided by the doctor. When used under discretion of a doctor and as intended, opioids treat pain well. Sadly, they also cause good receptors in the rain to activate and it so often leads to an addiction -even for our youth.

Misusing opioids is very dangerous. It can cause an addiction and can lead to an overdose. Misuse of an opioid drug is dangerous and is considered using more of the drug than intended or using the drug illegally, or when it is not prescribed to you by a doctor to treat pain. No one uses an opioid with hopes of becoming an addict. It is powerful and it happens before most teens realize what’s occurred.

Morphine is one of the most commonly abused opioids around today. Doctors commonly prescribe morphine to cancer patients and to others dealing with moderate to severe pain because of its fast-acting ability and effective results. OxyContin is another powerful opioid drug that is misused often.  As far as illegal drugs, heroin is one of the most common types of opioid drugs sold on the streets.

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Pay attention to your teen. Learn the signs of an opioid addiction and be there to support them during a difficult time in their lives. Do your part to keep them healthy and safe against the danger of opioid drugs and other types of drugs. A substance abuse treatment casper center can get teens dealing with addiction on the right track, free of drugs and the atrocities it creates in life.